About Us

Sea20.20, renovated in 2015, is a desire to share a cherished place: our father was a carpenter and our mother tended the garden and olive oil. The house is furnished in a rustic style, with wooden crafts and restored antique furniture; the cupboards are hand-decorated; the objects are familiar and preserved. The special values of the property are the 180-degree sea view, the total privacy and the very large interior spaces.

The area

The bands of olive trees on the side of the hill give ample space to the place; the three large maritime pines kept high by the property allow shady areas, very appreciable in summer.


In the family, the pilot brother took the aerial photo and the architect sister defined the interior concept with its intimate atmosphere, enhanced by her father’s woodwork and her uncle’s paintings.

The Paintings

Like an art gallery, the villa contains some of the paintings, which reflect Giuseppe Colciago’s study of different techniques including oil, tempera, watercolour and enamel. Many of the drawings were inspired by S.Lorenzo al Mare, from the 1960s to the 1980s.